seeping through this corner

corner assemblage 1
corner assemblage 2
corner assemblage 3
corner assemblage 4
corner assemblage 5
corner assemblage 6
corner assemblage 7
corner assemblage 8
corner assemblage 9
corner assemblage 10
corner assemblage 11
corner assemblage 12

left: 24.25″ wide by 22″ tall; right: 17″ wide by 33″ tall
wood, metal, tape, wire, wood glue, two part epoxy; 2021

olive   Today at 8:51 AM

i like that it sort of looks like its seeping thru the corner but in a benign/non threatening way

a neutral interloper

bettertowns   Today at 9:14 AM

don’t mind me… i’m just seeping through this corner

Catafalquon   Today at 9:15 AM

Yeah it really does feel bashful

manyblinkinglights   Today at 9:19 AM

Yeah also like

I firmly believe that while people are all contextual mixes of good and evil etc

we can CREATE things which are truly, purely good

and THAT thing is so busily involuted and full of little structures

Even though it looks [like] it doesn’t quite have the hang of it

it looks like it’s trying to be/to build

something truly good, for inhabitants or users to use

Like how a bridge is Good for real

it’s trying to make/become something that can be useful or enjoyed

Like it’s trying to site-specifically install ITSELF

velociraptorsaurusrex   Today at 9:21 AM

mbl ur gonna make me CRY

manyblinkinglights   Today at 9:21 AM

well that is just how I feel about it… I want to jump around inside

so it knows it’s valued

also it spans the one wall to the other which is probably why it reads as a bridge to me

it like, created a space bridging the corner from one side to the other. it CREATED that space

and filled it with little fixtures and features of architectural interest

for us

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